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Travel Soccer (Lionville Soccer Club)

News Release: Ben McCarthy earns PCA National Coaching Award

Our very own Ben McCarthy is one of 50 youth coaches across all sports nationally who has been awarded the Positive Coaching Alliance 2018 Double-Coach National Award.  Congratulations Ben!   

To learn more about the nationally recognized  Positive Coach Double-Goal Award please click this link


2018 TEAMS:

2018-19 AgeBirth YearNicknameCoaches

U9B (7v7)2010/11LIONSBen McCarthy/Jesus Soler Cabrera

[email protected] or [email protected]

U9G (7v7)2010/11ROARAndrew Powell/Liz Cicero

[email protected] or 

U10B (7v7)2009GALAXYAndrew Powell

[email protected]

U10G (7v7)2009SPARKSBen McCarthy

[email protected]

U10G (7v7)2009 SPARKS - VOLTJulian Jenkins[email protected]
U11B (9v9)2008CHARGERSJanis Witzleb

[email protected]

U11G (9v9)2008BLUE WARRIORSPie Labuda

[email protected]

U11G (9v9)2008VOLT WARRIORSAngela Coates

[email protected]

U12B (9v9)2007BLASTMatt Hein/Brad Phillips

[email protected]

U12G (9v9)2007LIGHTNINGJoe Dorr/Megan Fink

[email protected]

U12G (9v9)2007 THUNDER Julie Gambacorta[email protected]

U13B (11v11)2006VIPERSBen McCarthy[email protected]

U13G (11v11)2006LIONESSESBen McCarthy[email protected]

U13G (11v11)2006BRAVEHEARTSJay Janczak [email protected]
U14B (11v11)2005 CITYBen McCarthy[email protected]

U14B (11v11)2005-2006
LATICS Andrew Powell [email protected]
U14G (11V11)2005DRAGONSBen McCarthy/Tammy LaRosa[email protected] or 

[email protected]

Link to Map of fields at United Sports Training Center (USTC) :



Lionville Soccer Club Age groups U15 and above will run open training sessions for players interested in being considering for the 2018-19.   Please email the Coach to attend a training session.

2018-19 Age Group

Birth Year


Coach Contact Name

Coach Contact Email




Michael Tims

[email protected]




Joe Iavarone

[email protected]




Chris Doerr

[email protected]

 U16G 2003LIBERTY  Justin Poley
 [email protected]




Doug Pusey

[email protected]




Justin Poley

[email protected]




Doug Pusey

[email protected]


2018/19 - Lionville Travel Soccer Schedule

2018/19 Lionville Travel Soccer teams will have a full yearly soccer calendar that will look similar to the template below.

We aim to have all of our practice days/summer camp dates/tournament dates communicated to parents immediately following tryouts. This will give parents clarity and flexibility to enable them to plan their son/daughters schedule months in advance.

**Planned Schedule for U9 through U14 teams, (Schedule will be confirmed immediately after tryouts)

Season                                Dates    Lionville Soccer Club Events

Summer                                  May                                                      Weekly Welcome Sessions ‘Get to know your team’

Summer                                  June-July                                              2 x Weekly Training (Day/Time TBA after Tryouts)

Summer                                Summer Holidays                                 4 Day Team Summer Camp

Summer                                Early August                                          Tournament 1

Fall                                          August to November                          2 x Weekly Training (Day/Time TBA after Tryouts)

Fall                                        Mid-August                                              Fitness Camp/Sessions

Fall                                        Late August                                            Tournament 2

Fall                      Sept to November                                Fall League – APL / Delco / PAGS / CLS

Fall                            October                                                  Tournament 3

Fall                              Late November                                      Tournament 4 (Coaches Discretion)

Winter                            Jan to March                                           Indoor Team Training

Winter                            Jan to March                                           Futsal League     

Winter                            Jan to March                                           Speed and Strength Training

Spring                        March to May                                         1-2 x Weekly Training Sessions

Spring                              March                                              Tournament 5

Spring                            April to May                                             Spring League

Spring                              April to May                                             EPYSA State Cups or Tournament 6            


**Planned Schedule for Teams U15 (2004 and Above)

Season Dates Lionville Soccer Club Events

Summer                                   May-June                                                   Existing teams finishing 2018 season

Summer                                   July                                                               Optional sessions for HS prep

Summer/Fall                         August to end of October                School season.  No Mandatory Club activities

Late Fall                                  November to mid-December        Train 1x week / 1 or 2 Tournaments

Winter Break                         mid-December to mid-January    No organized team activities

Winter                                    Jan to March                                           Train 1 or 2 times per week

Winter/Spring                      Feb to April                                              APL Winter/Spring League / March Tournament

Spring                                    April through June                              1-2 x Weekly Training Sessions

Spring                                    April through May                               EPYSA Outdoor Cup

Spring                                      May and June                                          1 or 2 tournaments          



To accept a spot on a Lionville Travel Soccer team for 2018/19, parents of players will be required to pay the LYA registration fee through our online registration system in Blue Sombrero. Upon paying this fee you can choose to set up an auto installment payment option to allow you to schedule the remaining payments in installments over the course of the year.  The team fees vary by team and by age group depending on the length of season and the type of commitment of each team.   Please contact Ben McCarthy for information about a specific age group.


Lionville Soccer Club will have brand new customized Blue/Volt Nike home and away kits for the 2018/19 season. Mandatory uniform items typically cost around $150 with the option to purchase extra items if required.


Lionville Soccer Club (“LSC”) is Lionville Youth Association’s travel soccer club.  LSC strives to provide positive, balanced, and effective development for soccer players in the Downingtown Area School District. LSC is designed for serious soccer players who are looking for a greater level of instruction and competition.  Our primary objectives are to provide quality instruction that challenges each player and to instill a love and respect for the game.  LSC is committed to the ideals of fair play, sportsmanship, teamwork, and the development of character. We strive to ensure that every player who goes through our travel program will be sufficiently prepared to play for their school teams.


Lionville Soccer Club plays on a number of fields in the Downingtown/Exton/Lionville/Chester Springs area. Below are some of the more commonly used fields and directions.


Martin’s Farm Park

Address: 321 Laurel Moors Drive, Exton, PA 19341

Google maps link

Notes: The entrance to the field is between two houses. Martin’s Farm Park is at the bottom of the hill. Watch out for the HUGE bump!


Address: 300 Wharton Blvd, Exton, PA 19341

Google maps link

United Sports Training Center

Address: 1426 Marshallton Thorndale Road, Downingtown, PA 19335

Google maps link

Notes: Bear to your right as you enter the parking lot. There will be a board listing the different games for the day and which field they are on. Field numbers increase as you drive further away from the building.


DEHS – Downingtown East High School Turf

Address: 50 Devon Drive Exton, PA 19341

Google maps link

Notes: Entrance to turf fields is located behind the school.  Drive around behind the school and the entrance is a driveway on the left side past the track.  The turf fields are located at the bottom of the hill.

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